Emeritus Status


As set forth in Section 103.5(c) of the Standing Orders of The Regents, Emeritus status may be conferred by the President of the University on employees who meet criteria established by the President.

The President has delegated the authority to approve conferral of Emeritus status on Non-Academic Personnel to the Laboratory Director. This authority may not be redelegated.

Conferral of Emeritus status is an honor that may be granted upon retirement of a Laboratory employee who has provided outstanding services to the Laboratory.


The Laboratory Director is authorized to confer Emeritus status on Laboratory employees who hold non-academic, senior-level managerial, scientific, or engineering positions. Conferral of an emeritus status that does not meet these criteria must be approved by the President of the University.

Emeritus status conferral on Officers of the University (Laboratory Director and Deputy Director) is covered in separate criteria established by the Board of Regents and must be submitted to the Office of the President for approval.

Emeritus title is not awarded posthumously.


The following criteria shall be utilized to determine whether the nominee shall be granted Emeritus status:

  • At least 10 years of University/Laboratory service;

  • Service at time of retirement in a non-academic, senior-level managerial, scientific, or engineering position;

  • Evidence of extraordinary and meritorious contributions to the fulfillment of the mission and programs of the Laboratory; and

  • Recognition from outside the Laboratory of noteworthy contributions in the nominee’s professional field.


  • The Division Director shall make the recommendation for Emeritus status in a detailed memorandum that elaborates on the criteria outlined above. The recommendation should also include a copy of the nominee’s current curriculum vitae (and publication list if applicable). In the documentation, include the nominee’s date of retirement.

  • The recommendation shall be submitted three months prior to the nominee’s retirement date.

  • The recommendation should be addressed to the Laboratory Director and submitted through the Chief Human Resources Officer.

  • The Laboratory Director shall take appropriate action on the nominations within his/her authority.

  • The Laboratory Director will submit the nominations requiring the approval of the President of the University with an accompanying recommendation.

  • Upon approval of a recommendation for Emeritus status, the Laboratory Director shall notify the appointee of the specific Emeritus title bestowed and its effective date.

  • A copy of the conferral of emeritus status letter will be kept in the employee’s file.


Exceptions to these Guidelines may be made only the President of the University.